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Selenium Automation, Cognizant

Naresh has a very good insight on the Automation testing and specially on Selenium.

His Close analysis of each java topic gives  your concepts a thought and in-depth understanding.

I particularly liked his Class-Hands-on approach which makes students to write and trouble shoot the code in class.

I would recommend him.

Cognizant, 7 years of experience in IT, 25-Sep-2017

Puneet Jain

Puneet Jain

Selenium Automation, Cognizant

Ever Since I joined Selenium Classes, Sir has helped me to improve my coding skills by clearing my doubts and by giving me right approach to start.

The course covered here is enough for a person to improve not only his automation skills but also he can go towards development as well.

Sir has given me enough hands-on/assignments which helped me a lot. Sir has strong technical knowledge which he easily share with his students.

The biggest advantage of joining course here is if you have doubts even after finishing the course sir is there to help you.

Also in Connect2Tech sir provides great study material in the form of links, PDFs, websites and software so that one can have clear idea about what is going on in the current IT market.

Cognizant 3.6 years of experience in IT 14-Sep-2017

Shilpa Naidu

Shilpa Naidu

Selenium Automation, Capgemini

Connect2Tech is a good platform to learn Selenium Automation and Java concepts .

They do not have a conventional way of teaching, but rather emphasize on self learning capability with great assistance.

Professionals here are interactive and share the best to their knowledge.

The syllabus is also defined as per the current market trend.They focus more on implementation of concepts by working on real time project rather being hypothetical.

Pursuing course here will definitely make you stand in the industry.

Capgemini Pvt Ltd. 3.3 yrs of Experience Functional, ETL and Automation testing 14-Sep-2017

Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta

Selenium Automation, Cognizant

Great learning experience in the class.

Naresh has good command over the topics covered and the assistance provided on the doubts is very explanatory.

Question and answer session during the class and over the forum adds more value to learning.

Truly a great learning experience for the professionals seeking hands on Selenium/Java.

Cognizant, 10 years of IT industry experience

Ankur Amruta

Ankur Amruta

Selenium Automation, Capgemini

I recently joined connect2tech for selenium automation. As a tester initially I thought it would be very difficult to learn Automation. But trainers here have very good industry experience, and they have prepared the course content according to market expectations.

The focus is on teaching programming using simple example and practical trainings. Regular assignments also helped me lot to learn selenium.

Capgemini, 6 Year of IT Industry Experience.

Vaishali Dhone

Vaishali Dhone

Selenium Automation, Barclays Capital

Good learning experience and extensive hands on exposure. A place to learn for beginners and professionals.

Training session is highly participatory and inclusive. Syllabus is very structured and well designed.

Offering personal assistance during training as well as during the adaptation period afterwards.

Training is surely great professional value addition!!!

Barclays Capital , 11 Year of IT Industry Experience.


Mayuresh S Mone

Selenium Automation, KPIT Technologies

Here emphasis is given on hands-on programming through project/assignments. Classroom sessions are interactive and we are encouraged to discuss about possible solutions. Problems faced during grasping of java/selenium are solved by Naresh both during the class and after class also.

Sessions involving coding/assignments etc. are conducted for java language and OOPs concepts before starting with Selenium so that we do not face problems when starting with automation.

It is a good learning experience with connect2tech

KPIT Technologies , 9 Year of IT Industry Experience.

Shrihari Sondur

Shrihari Sondur

Selenium Automation, Cognizant

We all know that just theoretical knowledge would add no value unless it meets practical examples.This place takes you through a pragmatic path of learning.

The the teachers guide you, impart knowledge and also make you think the right way.

connect2tech is a definitely recommend!!!

Cognizant, 9 years of IT industry experience


Nivedita Raghavan

Selenium Automation, Cognizant

I recently joined connect2tech for selenium automation. For a non-programmer, I am getting good  programming exposure.

The trainers are having good industry experience, and they align course with market expectations. They also help us to get prepared for interviews.

A great place to learn!!!

Cognizant, 6 years of IT industry experience

Sheetal Anasane

Sheetal Anasane

Selenium Automation, Cognizant

I have extensive IT industry experience as Manual Tester. I joined Connect2Tech to learn automation, where I was groomed to become a programmer/automation tester, with focus of hands on experience.

Connect2Tech gave me step-by-step guidance to transform as automation tester. Here the focus is on programming and practical trainings, supported with regular assignments.

I would definitely recommend Connect2Tech!!!

Cognizant, 9 years of IT industry experience

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